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People ask if Vogt Networks Solutions does residential computer repair. We specialize in residential computer repair.  Vogt Networks Solutions offers four levels of residential computer support and service in Houston.

The first question to consider is, “What’s more important Economy or Convenience?” Most people opt for economy, I know I would. Basically this means getting it into the shop or as we say to the nearest Computer Hospital. Not only is the less expensive, it generally is the best way to handle computer problems. Especially if the system is in need of diagnostics. But wait, Vogt Networks Solutions has alternatives.

If saving money is your goal, then consider this. Many problems can still be resolved without ever having the bother of a technician coming out to your place, shuffling around your home much less the precarious journey to your local computer repair shop. Vogt Networks Solutions offers both internet based remote support and telephone support. Most local support companies don’t offer telephone support much less remote internet based support. They would rather bill you an hour or more to do a job that many times can be handled in a fraction of that time – that is if they know what they are doing. Vogt Networks Solutions offers two levels of immediate support – telephone support and remote support. Both are billed in 5 minute increments after the 1st quarter hour.

If the problem can’t be fixed remotely or by phone, we have centrally located shops featuring free diagnostics, free virus detection, free loaners, and generally same day service. And we offer all this with one of the lowest hourly shop rates in Houston not to mention the low flat rates we have for many repairs.

Our rates are the lowest in Houston if you figure in honesty, competence, speed of service and the other intangibles you look for in a service business. But if driving to the computer store is not in your near future then we offer our same low shop rates with the benefit of “Pick-Up/Drop-off” for a nominal charge, typically $20 to $30.

If the work does require that a technician comes to your location for whatever reason, such as DSL setup, a wireless network or what ever the case may be, Vogt Networks Solutions offers a low $79.00/hr. onsite rate with as little as a $39.95 minimum. Nominal trip charges may apply in some cases. You’ll need to ask about our $39.95 minimum – we don’t tell everyone. It’s a kind of internet special.

Still let me warn you that many companies tout the benefits of coming to your location. Why not? On-site repairs typically run 2 to 3 times the price of a shop based repair. Most of these computer geeks and computer gurus don’t even have a shop, so they can only offer on-site service. Or they’re nationally run service organizations that uses local subcontractors. Subcontractors are generally the worst tech support you can get. You’re not their customer so they don’t worry about coming back to see you as a repeat customer (unless that is they try to steal you from their employer). They generall don’t have the authority to do what’s best for you, the customer, because they’re working for some Yankee who just wants to take your money. These kind of companies are like used car salesmen. We have worked for some of these companies have found that their priority is making a profit not taking care of the customer.

Our philosphy, is give the customer value and he will come back!

Once again, onsite repairs are usually double what shop based service costs. The reason is simple – economies of scale. In other words, a tech can work on 4 or 5 or more systems at a time in the shop. At your place he’s generally working on just yours. And if your problem is virus or malware related, much of the repair process means allowing the system to sit there and scan. A costly proposition no matter what the rate is!

The second thing I ask a caller to consider is this, “Is there a chance for data loss?” If your machine is not booting and you don’t have a backup of your critical information whether that information is music, tax files, pictures, resumes, or any other important data, then your repair is best handled in a shop. Vogt Networks Solutions offers backup services starting at just $35.00. Ask yourself, “Is my precious data worth $35.00 dollars?” And please don’t think you can win the data lottery – many times you only get one chance to do it inexpensively. Don’t loose because you thought all technicians are equal. Vogt Networks Solutions has saved many a client their important data after some “Geek” or “Guru” has had a go at it.

It is not uncommon for a novice technician to treat a Windows corruption problem or virus/malware problem only to find other problems with system – most often a hard drive failure. This is another reason to take the opportunity to back up your system.

Finally if you don’t exactly know what’s wrong with your computer, do you really want a technician sitting at your place running diagnostics to determine the problem. Diagnostics to be done correctly usually requires letting the system do nothing but running test software sometimes for hours at a time before you get a good idea of what’s entirely going on with your computer.

The most common question people ask is “What’s your rate?” Is that really what you want to know? Shouldn’t the question be “How much to fix my problem?” Be careful of the technician or company that minimizes the problem. Most problems onsite are going to require at least two hours, but aggravating factors such as failing equipment or missing software or parts can severely increase time requirements needed to fix your computers. By the time many of these guys get through with you, you could have bought at least one new computer and sometimes two.

Which brings up another point – is the work guaranteed?

If they can’t get it right on site will they take it and make it right? And then, at what cost? Vogt Networks Solutions offers a guaranteed maximum rate. This means, excluding parts, you don’t pay any more for labor – if we can’t get it done right on your site, we’ll pull it back to our shop, fix it, and bring it back out to you for no additional charge.

Whether Adware/Spyware Removal, Virus Removal, Desktop or Notebook Repair, Data Recovery, Password & Hard Drive Recovery, LaserJet/Inkjet Repair, Scanner Repair and Maintenance, LAN/WAN, Wireless, Complete Networking, 24/7 Support, Remote/Phone Support, Video Surveillance, Vogt Networks Solutions can help.

If you need help, give us a call for a free remote evaluation of your system problem. Then Click HERE to download a simple application and we’ll get on your system and begin diagnosing your issues immediately. Could it really be this simple? YES! – Here at Vogt Networks Solutions, we can work miracles…at least with a computer.

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